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February 7, 2011

Since Christmas, I’ve had a pretty bad case of this things the Yarn Harlot has so aptly titled  “Startitis”. This is when you keep starting and starting projects, and just can’t seem to finish them. Sometimes the cure to startitis is to start a really quick and simple project, just to keep the morale up. However, sometimes this just adds to the problem. If you aren’t careful, your “quick” project could be just another casualty.

I saw this pattern on ravelry, and I decided it was the perfect cure.

It is was!

The color is really more of a robin’s egg, not so grey, but since I am rarely home during daylight hours this time of year, I am forced to take photos of my work in lamplight, which, while flattering to the model, and charming with it’s golden glow, is entirely misleading in what the colors actually look like.

I used Jeannee Chunky Yarn from Plymouth, and it is one of my favs. It is a cotton/acrylic yarn, and it is soft, non-itchy, and washes up like a dream. It is perfect for baby clothes, toys, and hats, because it’s is so soft, and washable. The only problem is that it comes in mostly pastels, but I can work with that.

P.S. The model is my sista Avery. Isn’t she a good sport for being my model 2 seconds before she planned to hit the hay?

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  1. February 8, 2011 12:33 am

    Yay! Looooove this new hat! 🙂

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