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This could be the year

June 6, 2011

Our official start of summer has included a gorgeous barn wedding of dear friends

enjoying the backyard with more dear friends..

Final grading for my teacher Husband…

And of course, watching the garden!

I feel like such an old lady getting excited about these tiny little seedlings, but it never gets old, and I’m not sure it ever will. It’s pretty amazing how plants want to grow. They may not grow when or how you planned. They may not produce as much as you’d hoped, but they want to thrive.  I honestly NEVER thought I’d care about a garden this much. I also never thought I’d be a cat person either, but it’s amazing how the presence of a living thing can really change your priorities. No, I’m not making any announcements, I am honestly just talking about plants and cats, but I’m sure all of you parents out there can share my sentiment.

Our strawberries. We learned it takes two years, and two plants to yeild these berries. They need to crosspolinate, and you usually have to wait until the second year to harvest any. I can’t wait for these little guys to turn bright red! Did any of you read this book as a kid?

Mystery herbs that I can’t quite remember. (except for the cilantro on the left) I think the one on the right might be rosemary. There is just something so hopeful about seeing this tiny little leaves emerge from the soil, even if they are doomed to be under/overwater viciously by yours truly. Could this be the year I sucessfully keep potten plants alive, right? Sometimes I think Summer feels like more of the New Year than January. I always feel like it’s time to connect with good friends, and try something new. THIS could be the summer. THIS could be the year.

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  1. June 15, 2011 11:33 am

    Beautiful garden!!!!!!! I’m a huge nerd about seedlings coming up too. It’s so exciting!! Great job on the garden- happy harvesting!

  2. Denise permalink
    June 15, 2011 11:26 pm

    Beautiful. Love this entry. 🙂 This COULD be the year for all things good.

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