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A Sweater in July

July 6, 2011

In true Minnesota fashion, we spent the last weekend by the water…

Mark’s family has a place on a lake a few hours north of St. Paul, and the house is on a pennisula of sorts,which is absoutely gorgeous at night. Mark took the fireworks picture from the deck. I spent the whole time inside, being a complete baby-hogging auntie, snuggling one of my adorable nephews, watching the fireworks from behind the patio window, completely safe from the skeeters. It. was. awesome.

The weather was just hot enough make you want to hang out in the water, but cool enough in the shade to camp out in a lounge chair with a cold adult beverage, and my newest knitting project.

Normally, I totally lose all motivation to knit in the summer. But this year, I’ve been really wanting to knit. alot. Of all things, I was dying to make a SWEATER! I have no idea why. I think I wanted a decent sized project to work on, and chances are I can finish this by the time fall rolls around, and it will be perfect timing. I went through tons and tons of pattern on Ravelry ( if you are a knitter, and don’t know what this site is, you are seriously missing out…)

I finally settled on the pattern I already had, and used a yarn I already had! how thrifty am I? It’s isn’t often that I start a project without spending a dime, Mark knows this all too well. The pattern is the Pimlico Shrug from the book Knit Two Together. Kinda like a sweater, kinda like an oversized Shrug. Very very simple in it’s construction. I am trying to make mine a bit shorter than the pattern calls for. I’ll let you know how it works out, for better or for worse.

I am also using the same yarn I used for the Optimistic Mitts , Crystal Palace Yarn’s Merino 5, cause I have A TON of it. I bought it for a sweater idea two years ago, and have only made small projects out it it. I promise, the next knitting project will be out of a different color. Although Navy is totally the new black. My Friend Cate came up with a slogan, “Navy, it’s not just for the boardroom anymore”. Well Put.

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  1. July 9, 2011 9:22 am

    That looks like a GREAT weekend! And that pattern is gorgeous!!!!! Oh man. You need to open an Etsy shop stat. Not that I have any money to spend, but I would anyway!! 😛

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