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Have Patience

July 14, 2011

I’ve been dying to start designing some more knitting patterns. To an knitting outsider that might sounds really lame, but you wouldn’t believe how many young hip knitters are out there, just waiting for the right project. Lucky for me, I had a gift card to a yarn store, so I came back with this….

Yum. And Started some of this…

Swatches. Those little samples you must knit up if you are experimenting with knit design. Every yarn, and every stitch pattern is so different, there is really no way to know what will happen until you try it out. That means I knit, and unraveled my swatches at least 5 times yesterday morning. all in the name of ingenuity. I make it sounds like NASA or something. Knitting feels that important to me sometimes.

I often hear people say ” Oh, I don’t have enough patience for knitting”. And I think, “Really? REALLY?” I am a person of very little patience naturally, it is something I have to work on daily. Just ask my husband, the king of patience :). I can think of hundreds of things that most people do on a daily basis that require more patience than knitting. Driving through rush hour, dealing with toddlers, waiting in the checkout line, waiting on hold for some sort of customer service. See? The great thing about knitting is that you are rewarded by having a bit of patience. Like a preschooler being bribed by a Jolly Rancher, That’s me.

Unlike many other patience-testing activities,  you get to walk away with something beautiful and unique, as well as bragging rights.

You MADE this.

With nothing but string and a couple of sticks.

I know, I know,it never gets old.

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  1. July 14, 2011 2:34 pm

    Hahah! so true!
    Lovely yarns!

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