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Summer Rhythm

July 2, 2012

This Summer seems to have a nice motion to it. Full weekends, but mostly relaxing, and fulfilling.  It’s a hard balance, checking things off the summer list, but also really enjoying the items you are checking off.  I feel like this summer is really hitting it’s stride. 




A few weeks ago, Mark and I attended Rock the Garden for the first time, with my sis and a fun group of friends! For those unfamilar with the event, it’s an outdoor concert held right next to the sculpture garden of the Walker Art Center, in Minneapolis. Such a perfect way to experience summer in the city. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with gratitude at how supportive these two cities are of good music. Really a great place to be a musician or a music fan. *sigh*



Last weekend my sister convinced me to join a group of fabulous ladies on a bike trip around Lake Pepin.  Can you see how this pattern is going? My sister is responsible for ensuring I have a good time this summer. We stayed in an amazing little condo in Lake City, MN with a fabulous view of the water. We put in around 30 miles the first day, and 40 the next. It was the perfect blend of relaxing, and serious girl power. I’m proud to say we kicked some country hills in the backside. Yeeehaw!



My dear friend Bethany is back in the good ‘ol U.S. of A after a whirlwind year of teaching English in Korea. She leaves shortly for a new gig in Paraguay, so I am soaking up her company while I can! Bethany and I met in college, where we bonded over playing guitar, being art majors, and many episodes of the WB’s hit drama, Felicity. She’s the kind of friend that truly gets me, and is always up for jammin on some cover tunes late at night. Everyone should have a Bethany in their life. I feel so lucky to have her, and being able to pick up wherever we left off. Skype is great and all, but nothing beats sharing a cup of coffee with one of your favorite people in person. 



I feel inclined to show you a picture of the green monster sweater. Something about working on a big knitting project , It’s like a way of recording life’s day to day events. A few rows on the porch during a thunderstorm, a few rows in the car up to the cabin while Mark drives. I hope your summer rhythm is taking shape too. 





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