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My Favorite kind of day

December 28, 2012


I love the days between Christmas and New Years.  The stress and hussle of getting ready for Christmas is over, but there is still a festive attitude in the air, with the upcoming new year. I also gave myself permission to do selfish knitting and baby knitting, instead of filling my to do list with knitted gifts.  I never got around to posting my last knitting projects, which is a shame, because I think I’m hitting my winter knitting stride. Oh, well, I’m here now, right?


First of all, Molly got a stocking this year. Yes, the cat got a handmade stocking.ImageI know I know, this propelled me into crazy cat lady status, as if i haven’t done that already. I couldn’t help myself! Her name looks so cute knit into a little stocking! You may be wondering why I’m not getting a head start on Baby Joesting’s stocking. Well, the way I knit stockings, I knit the name into it it right away, and since we won’t know the gender or the name till at least April, I’ve bought myself a little time. Smart, huh?

For those interested, I don’t really have a pattern for the stockings I’ve made. I just knit them with a basic sock recipe, but I shorten to instep area of course. And I knit with worsted weight yarn, using needles much smaller than called for, like size 3 and 4. Maybe next time I will write down a pattern, because I will want to match Mark and I’s stockings better than Molly’s. I wanted Molly’s to be smaller than ours.


Next, I conquered my mitten curse! I have never completed a pair of mittens for myself, (I’ve come close before) and I knew what I needed to do. I have to crank them out, from start to finish, with little interruption. Whenever I put a mitten project on hold, that is when the curse would go into effect. I used The warmest mitten pattern from Ravelry. I knit very tight, and thought they would end up way to snug, which is how they felt when I first completed them, but after a few wears, they have stretched into the perfect size, yet still fitted enough. I have to remember that handknit wool ALWAYS stretches.


And on the needles right now, An adorable little wool soaker for cloth diapers. We are going to give cloth the old college try. I think I will use the wool soaker for more of a decorative cover, but I guess you can use it for an actual diaper cover, with those white cloth diapers that you mostly see used for burp cloths now. You know what I mean? we will probably use the kinda that come with their own water proof cover. I love the look of a cloth diaper, and love the cost savings, as well as many other benefits. Time will tell if I love washing a million diapers…

Another baby sweater is sooo close to completion too. This baby is already to spoiled! What are the rest of you knitting/making?

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  1. December 28, 2012 5:14 pm

    Look at all that knitted goodness! Awesome!
    We used cloth with J and it worked out well. I just got into a routine of doing a load of diapers everyday. We tried when C came, but J was just 18 mo. and it was too crazy. It’s a good gig once you find your rhythm. A friend recommended we wait till the baby was a bit older- I think about 2 mo. That seemed a bit more sane.

  2. January 1, 2013 1:15 pm

    Those stockings are so cute and fun! Love the wide stripes. I used cloth on my little one for the first 4 or 5 months but things get grosser the older they get, maybe I wasn’t cut out for it. I want to try them again if we ever have another one though.
    Happy New Year!

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