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Away to Windy City ( and a class announcement at the end)

March 8, 2013









These photos are now two weeks old, but I have to prove that I do more than sit around and knit, right? In Actuality, I knit while Mark drove the 6 hours to Chicago, but once we got there, I didn’t touch my yarn. I thought I would, but it was nice to keep it all in my knitting basket for once. Nice to walk around the Windy City for hours, and collapse into a giant fluffy hotel bed at the end of the day, bellies full of food, minds full of art. No “to do” lists in sight. Exactly what the doctor ordered for a pre-baby getaway.

We were there for just four days, and the only productive thing we did was go to the Art Institute. For two art majors, it was like wondering through the streets of Beverly Hills. Everywhere we looked we were starstruck by images we’d only seen in textbooks. Lots of Dali, Monet, and the famous pointillism painting by George Seurat. Mark’s mind is like a steel trap for art facts. Well, many facts actually. I’d jokingly say ” Mr. Joesting? What does this one mean?”, and he’d launch fully into art teacher mode and describe the time the artist worked, the colors they chose, etc. Just the intellectual stimulation our brains needed, before our heads are filled with feeding schedules and memorizing good night moon. Not that those things don’t hold their own importance of course, but I hope we can always remember to talk to each other, and not forget the interests and passions that brought us together in the first place. 

We did a lot of walking, and even more eating. Lots of eating. I guess I should have taken some pictures of the delicious things we ate, but I was just too busy enjoying it! Don’t worry, I have lots of knitting to show you soon. It has been two weeks since we’ve been back, so of course I’ve launched into a new project and finished some things I’d like to share. 

One last announcement, I have a sock knitting class scheduled at the amazing  Digs Studio coming up next week! If you’d like to learn to knit socks, this is your chance! I will hold your hand through the steps of sock knitting, and you will feel empowered declaring ” I MADE these!” to all how comment on your adorable socks! go HERE for more details!


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  1. March 8, 2013 4:15 pm

    Did you knit those socks. Holy cow. Or should I say, holy heart. They are the cutest.things.ever!!:)

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