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Spring Things

March 20, 2013

















Little projects are everywhere these days, “decorating” our house.  I’m attempting to tackle an embroidered  alphabet pillow for the rocker in the baby’s room. One of those totally unnecessary projects, but a nice little something to work on in the evenings. I was inspired by my  world traveling/living abroad friend Bethany, who decided to take up embroidery as the perfect little transportable art form. So far, it has me a little smitten. 

I’ve been knitting this little cotton romper for Baby J. I am hoping it will be the perfect thing to bring our little one home in. I debated long or short sleeves/legs, but remembered newborns generally need to stay warm, and it will only be late April or Early May when we bring this kid home.  I LOVED this pattern by the way. It’s raveled HERE.  I think I will end up knitting the sweather verison at some point too.

I had to trick myself into thinking it was spring today. Because with a temp hanging in the teens, it sure didn’t feel like the first day of spring.

With the huge mountains of snow still filling my yard, it hardly feels that way. It seems as though most of my posts mention the weather. Is that silly? Well, when you live in Minnesota,the weather really defines your days. That’s why we relish spring so much. It’s glorious, when it finally decides to come around.

Luckily today did bring a healthy dose of sunshine, which led to an incredible craving for a smoothie, and for blueberry muffins.  I needed some summery fruits. I chopped up a pineapple and threw it in with strawberries and a banana for the smoothie. I attempted a blueberry/orange zest/banana muffin. I used a new recipe that I found and tweaked. I of course added some sugary glaze, because what is pregnancy, if not an excuse to take something healthy, and make it a dessert? While the flavor was great, and they looked fantastic, they were rather, um, dense. In a way that they seemed underdone, but weren’t. I don’t know what happened. Baking is a fickle beast, I’ve found. I give a lot of credit to anyone that can make up their own baking recipes. You really have to know your chemistry!

How have you been tricking your mind into spring thoughts? What do you knit/make as the weather gets warmer?


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  1. March 20, 2013 7:38 pm

    UMMMMMM…LOVE that romper!!!! You’re amazing.

  2. kimmie peterson permalink
    March 20, 2013 7:39 pm

    well i didnt knit anything but i did just buy myself an amazing pair of nike black and pink sandals that are amazing!! Hurry up spring!

  3. March 21, 2013 8:09 am

    adorable romper!!!

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