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Boston in the Fall

November 21, 2013

October in my most favorite month ever. ( I know, it’s no longer October, that is how behind I am!) Could be because I was born in it, and was married in it. But it ususally the most busy too, because I just want to cram all the awesome things in!

The big highlight was our trip out East to Boston and Conneticutt. My dad’s entire side of the family is in CT, and Mark’s brother, along with his awesome wife, and two kids live near Boston, so we knew we had to make the trip. I was a bit nervous about flying with a 5 month old. The flight out was, well, something I’m not anxious to ever repeat, but the flight home, she slept the whole way! It really wasn’t the worst thing, and I am so so glad we braved the flight, because seeing your family together with your precious baby is probably about the best thing ever.


The Ocean, in Marshfield, MA ( Thanks for taking this photo, Ang!)




“flying” at Tito Derek, and Tita Ang’s house


My sister Avery, My aunt Wendy, Iris and I


Cousin Evan giving Iris a huggie!


Sitting in front of Auntie Wendy’s beautiful fall mums! Look at those cheeks! I just want to jump through the screen and smoosh those things with a kiss!


Iris with Tita ( auntie) Angie


Cousin Ella




With Daddy in Downtown Boston



Had to include a picture of all the Gallison ( My dad’s side) cousins.


It sure felt good to get outta town for a while. But there is no place like home, Mark and Pumpkin agree!

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